Is jongkey your otp?


Your art is the cutest ugh I cry

thank you!! you are very cute yourself uwu 

please don’t cry over my art

something they didn’t show in lucky star’s mv



This isn't so much an ask as I wanted to tell you how much your art makes me smile. just by chance someone reblogged one of your jongkey cartoons. now you know how huge a volume of shinee work goes on tumblr but that one little cartoon stuck in my head that well over a month later i spent 3 hours trying to find it. (as you can see i did) you have such a delightful touch of whimsy especially to your black and whites. it reminds me of the heart of calvin and hobbs but very clever. xoxo

i’m really flattered, thank you so much!
more than anything, i’m glad my art makes you smile ;u;

and thanks again, for making my day ♡

for BABY ♥

for BABY