color palette meme : onew requests!

i tried a different coloring style this time ;u;”

color palette meme (again, downtown baby version)

jonghyun looks like a ninja


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

full transparent version under the cut

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cheyenne-kim: jongho; on the naughty-bits XD

Kiss Art Challenge:   17.  on the naughty bits

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kibum-san: i can't explain how much i adore your art <3 (sorry for spamming your notifications ;;;) just wow your stuff is so so so cute i am in awe ;u;

spam me all you want!

thank you so much ♥

Anonymous: Jongkey 6) On the lips :)

Kiss Art Challenge:   6.  on the lips


downtown baby version!

Anonymous: can I ask for an ontae (9.on the neck ), thank you >///<

Kiss Art Challenge:   9.  on the neck